A little insight to what my clients think:


To Whom it May Concern,

For the past 25 years I have been having regular massage to help me with various tensions in my body and have been massaged by many people, one of whom became a noted teacher of massage. I have mentioned this so you will know I speak from personal experience.

Over the last five years I have been having regular remedial massage therapy with Marie Sloane. I would highly recommend Marie to people who, like myself, have a constant battle with the effects of arthritis on the body. I have one artificial hip and one artificial knee and have been working hard to remain mobile with arthritis in my other hip and knee. Marie understands the problems I face and has been a great help in keeping me walking and exercising correctly.
I have also had trouble with a tightening in my upper back and shoulders due once again to arthritis and also probably due to the work that I have been doing on the computer. I am now in my 70s and Marie has worked hard at releasing all the tension in my shoulders and back which is common for a person of my age who is involved with writing books.
Two years ago it was discovered that I had a huge tumour on my left lung so I had to undergo a pneumonectomy of the left lung. I was not a smoker and we have no idea why I developed this tumour.
Since then my regular massage by Marie has helped me to cope with all the tightening in the chest region which is an after-effect from this type of operation. I believe her massage has also helped me to relax and cope with the changes to my body after the operation and helped me in the overall healing process that one has to go through during a battle with cancer.
I highly recommend her to anybody who works in a stressful situation. But I especially recommend her to people who are living with the effects of all types of arthritis or osteoporosis. I also believe that she has the special ability to help people who have had major surgery, especially those involved with the battle against cancer. She has a delightful, warm, caring personality, and a positive approach to life no matter what problems we have to face.

Barbara Short - Epping Sydney.



As satisfied clients of over four years and several practice moves, my husband Russell and I highly value the professional and caring approach Marie has to remedial massage.  We anticipate our fortnightly remedial massages when we know that the accumulated aches of tired and tense muscles will be removed.  In a fast moving and complex urban environment, it is reassuring to know there is a calm and regenerating space.

Suzanne and Russell



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